How we got here

Back in the studio after an extended hiatus, Caliph is a Toronto based rapper/singer/songwriter. Pulling inspiration from a range of artists including legends Tupac, Nas, Jay Z but also artists with cult followings such as Nipsey Hussle, Dom Kennedy and Larry June, most would describe his sound as “Adult Contemporary Hip Hop”.


His songs are fearlessly introspective and cover moments of suffering, joy, accomplishments, love etc. that any self aware person could relate to and appreciate. His wordplay is technically sound and often includes multiple internal rhymes to keep his wordsmith fans happy and his casual fans curious. His beat selection offers a wide variety from acoustic riffs, classic boom bap drum patterns, jazzy samples to full on R&B grooves.


After facing challenges in his early career with financial loss, friends passing and mental health, Caliph took a hiatus and built a successful business which employs many of his closest friends and family. His return to music was inevitable and brought us a new enlightened and evolved version of the artist we missed and loved.